The 2021 Customer Loyalty Research looks at perceptions of service, engagement, and brand affinity across the Banking and Retail sectors.

Over 5,000 customers | 50+ brands | Covers UK and US

Key highlights include: 

 Channel Choice

2 in 5 customers now prefer using a website or app, but preference for calling remains strong and new channels are gaining traction.

Moving On 

6% of all respondents do not intend to remain a customer of their current brand.

  1, 2, 3, 4 

Just 4 UK brands generate net positive scores for their commitment to tackling climate change.

Pandemic Value 

Only 60% of brands managed to make their customers feel valued during the global pandemic.

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SRM's research allows you to understand and respond to the
changing customer expectations and markets in which you operate.



Primary consumer research developed over a decade. Covering a range of customer metrics and exploring what influences loyalty.


Retail Banks, Building Societies, Credit Card Providers, Membership Organisations, and Retailers


Conducted in July 2021 to provide a post-pandemic baseline of customer loyalty and experience attitudes

“Business models must continue to adapt to changing customer expectations – SRM's customer loyalty insights are an invaluable input to the journey ahead.”

Steven Van Belleghem
Best-selling CX Author and Keynote Speaker