Voice Technology, Open Banking, and the Future of U.S. Financial Services

Have you ever wondered how the digital banking future could empower your bank or credit union? Many trends entering the mainstream, like voice technology and open banking, are accessible and offer huge benefits to smaller financial institutions. 

Our first report on this topic explored the critical factors financial institutions must consider when reacting to digital transformation. Part two of this series will include:

  • How voice recognition and authentication could revolutionize your customers' experience and redefine the concepts around UI/UX;
  • How APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are lowering costs and making it possible for your institution to improve time to market;
  • How the role of FinTechs is changing and why your institution will enjoy a competitive advantage by learning how to effectively partner with them; 
  • How the open banking regulations being implemented in Europe could have a positive impact on your credit union or bank in the United States.  
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